Monday, March 17, 2008

Trek 2300 FOR SALE!

TREK 2300 Full Ultegra - $1100.00

The perfect bike for somebody looking to get started cycling or even racing. This Trek 2300 is a few years old and hasn't been ridden in over a year (since I got my new bike). I've kept it around thinking I'd race it, or ride it in the rain, or set it up for my wife or... well, you know how it goes!
Anyway, it's just been hanging in my garage, so now I need some cash and it's for sale.
~2000 miles
Full ultegra
Upgraded carbon bars and stem (ITM with internal cable housings)
New drive train at 1500 miles

Paid $2000 new. Added $500 in upgrades. Asking $1100.
Email me for more photos or questions.

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rebecca Walker said...

did you ever sell this bike? i have found an exact model and was curious how great of a deal i am getting.. how much were you able to sell your trek 2300 for? and was it a wsd model? thanks for taking the time to answer, i am new at road biking


Matt said...

Hey Rebecca, I did sell it. I sold it to a friend for the great price of 800 bucks. I wish I still had it to park on the trainer and ride when rain looks possible!