Friday, September 28, 2007

Training for cycling with Power

You’ve heard people talking about it. It’s in all the cycling magazines. Many of the pros are doing it too. No, we aren’t talking about doping; we are talking about training with a power meter! As power meters become more common and buzz around training with power increases, Two Wheels is right there on top of the scene.

Why train with power?

Most athletes wouldn’t consider going into a gym to lift weights if they didn’t know how much weight they were lifting. Cycling is no different. How much work did you do climbing that hill? Or how much work did you do sprinting for that stop ahead?

  • Power output tells you what you are doing (stimulus)
  • Heart Rate tells you how your body is responding (response)

In order to train effectively you need to monitor both. Power data gives you objective and immediate feedback on your training or racing efforts. The basic principles of training have not changed through the years. You still have to work hard to achieve your goals. But with the addition of Power you can train smarter.

How Two Wheels Cycling utilizes power with clients

Two Wheels offers two packages that monitor clients’ success through power analysis (Power Package and Podium Package). We will run an initial assessment test (the Prologue) to see your over all fitness, position and pedal efficiency. We will also determine your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Maximum Power output. With this data, we will create a training plan customized to meet your goals or to help you train for specific events.

We will monitor your progress by Power data uploaded to the Training Peaks’ website. As your data comes in we will modify your plan to keep your training on track. We will also be in constant contact with you explaining what all the number and graphs mean specifically to you.

So, you already have a power meter?

  • But still don’t seem to be riding any faster
  • Aren’t really sure what the numbers mean

Two Wheels will help you understand the numbers and what they mean for you and create a path for you to follow to success.

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